Our Technology

We take pride in and care for our environment. Birchmount Dental Group, located in Scarborough, provides environmentally-friendly digital imaging technology, for the healthy well-being and safe environment of our patients. 

Digital Imaging at Birchmount Dental Group

We are pleased to offer our patients a new form of x-ray imaging – digital radiography. This technology enables the dentist to view what is going on inside the patient's teeth. The imaging instantly shows up on a computer monitor so that both the dentist and the patient can see the results in real time – no waiting necessary! With digital imaging, it is possible to magnify any potential problem areas to enable early detection.

In relation to older x-ray technology, the radiographic technology of today is much safer for both the patient and the environment. 

What’s more? Digital x-rays don’t use harmful chemicals for development and do not produce waste that would be harmful to the environment.

We Proudly Offer:

Less Radiation

Digital x-rays give off low amounts of radiation.

Environmentally-Friendly Office

Our patients (and staff) are not exposed to toxic chemicals and there are none to dispose of.

Fast Results

Digital x-rays are produced instantaneously for patients to view. No waiting required. 

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