We Love Kids!

Our friendly team of dentists and dental health professionals at our Scarborough practice love helping children – especially during their first dental visit. At Birchmount Dental Group, we ensure that every child that visits our dental practice has a positive and fun dental experience, every single time!

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We help children look forward to the dentist.

At Birchmount Dental Group, we offer a diverse range of children's dental services in a relaxed and fun environment.

When it comes to children's dental services, our Birchmount Dental dentists and friendly staff, will do everything they can to ensure your child has a positive dental experience, and to begin them on the proper path to excellent oral health for life. Each dental service we offer is customized to the needs of your child.

What to expect on your child's first visit.

To help ease any anxieties and fears associated with visiting the dentist, we do everything we can to ensure your child's dental visit is as comfortable and as fun as possible!

We'll introduce them to the fun dental chair and even encourage them to check out how some of our cool equipment works (we promise it's not as scary as it looks!). 

If your child is comfortable and ready to proceed, we'll go ahead with their first dental hygiene visit. If not, we're here for them when they are ready.

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