An important message regarding COVID-19

We are here for you and accepting emergency visits
Your oral care is our number one priority and if you or your family member has a dental emergency, we are here for you.
If this is an emergency please call our main number immediately, so we can actively address your needs.
You can also visit to find immediate urgent care options or to request a future appointment.
We will be reaching out to reschedule all of your routine visits once normal operations resume.

Our practice undertakes industry best-in-class infection prevention and control measures, and we strongly believe that with sufficient protective measures in place, a dental practice represents a safe and low-risk environment for our patients.

For all patient visits, we:

Perform a risk assessment and screen all patients in advance of the appointment and upon arrival at the clinic
– Observe meticulous hand hygiene practices throughout the day and hand washing before putting on PPE or handling anything that the patient may handle
– Wear appropriate personal protective equipment during the appointment and interactions with patients and their environment, such as gloves, mask, eye protection, and gowns, as required

Between patient visits, we:
-Clean, disinfect and sterilize all instruments
-Wipe all operatory surfaces with disinfectant

In the reception area, we:
-Disinfect all counters and surfaces
-Make antibacterial hand rub available

At least daily, we:
-Empty standard garbage receptacles and change liners
-Clean floors (vacuum/dry mop and wet mop)
-Clean and disinfect high touch wall features (light switches, thermostat, door handles, ledges, etc.)
-Clean reception area, administrative areas and rooms
-Clean and disinfect all bathrooms

We keenly recognize our shared obligation and duty to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and to protect the health and wellbeing of our patients, staff and the broader community.